Storm Kings of Legend

Dhograc Darkmane

Dhograc , Galf , Orren and Cho have been tasked to find out what is happening with the out farms , there has been word of a large band of mercenaries laying waste to the area .

Our intrepid crew have a major flaw , they cant say no to helping people , sometime they dont even do it for money .

The greater good they say , but bollox to that , its taste of feeling alive and being on the edge…….. this is the code of this band .

Traveling to a deserted farm they encounter some crows , then they travel to a camp of these creatures with long noses and a fight ensues ,

"slow and steady boys " shouts Galf , in his relaxed tone

"Aye " Shouts Orren

Cho stays Quiet

Dhograc lets out  a sigh , makes a sign to marthamma duin  "Aye "  he says to himself , those really have long noses !"



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