Storm Kings of Legend

The order of the Gauntlet

The Order of the Gauntlet is taking strides to deal wit the giant threat. The characters encounter a knight of the order mounted on a warhorse clad in chain mail barding . Lady Harriana Hawkwinter (LG female Chondathan knight of Helm) is a Waterdhavian noble and a champion of the god of watchfulness. She and her squire recently rescued a village of people left for dead in the middle of nowhere , they seemed dazed and confused, with a few mentioning dark elves.they  had been attacked by stone giants  by ogres and hobglobelins , which the characters in due course slay .

Lady Hawkwinter asks the characters to take the village  to the nearest settlement while she continues to follow the giants' path and search for other survivors. Sir Jordeth Tavilson (LN male Illuskan knight of Tyr), a believer in swift justice, has a gash in his armor and a broken lute strapped to his back. The lute belonged to his squire, who perished in a recent battle against ogres with strange  purple tattoo showing an strange eye .Jordeth managed to kill one ogre, but the other got away. The characters move north .



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