Storm Kings of Legend

The demon in bonds

Throughout the demon prison , many lesser demons stalk the halls of the dark and evil place . The prison itself has living walls and floors , that leaks pussy liquids and dark vapours .
What you first thought were goblins and are little babau demons , filthy creatures , born of pure hate .

The babau is an assassin, a murderer, and a sadist— certainly not traits unusual in the demons, yet the babau's penchant for stealth and surprise sets it apart from its generally less-subtle kin. With no need to eat (although most babaus relish the flavor of mortal meat on their thin, raspy tongues), a babau can wait in ambush for years or decades—their inhuman patience in anticipating a well-conceived murder also setting them apart from the other denizens of the Abyss. Babaus obsess over the act of killing and take great pride in their grisly art, often leaving behind some form of grim marker or obscure signature, whether it be a distinctive modus operandi, an unnerving token, or other profane evidence.

You wait at the entrance to entrance going down into pitch blackness , knowing the answer to the ring of winter and scribbling dark elf , could  wait down below.

You hear an un earthly scream – making the whole place shake as something large seems to have sensed your presence , you hear a voice in your head , deep and rumbling and ancient as the night sky.

I am ERTU it says in a heavily accented voice , you save`d my brother, you banished   the life of one of the ancient ones , but with this master awoke  and my brother was back to 9 hells . Come to me and release me and i will tell you as much as i know to aid you in your cause .
Again the a huge painful scream erupts , and voice is gone , leaving pitch blackness and the gibbering sounds of demons below .

Things to note :  The Huge Black Rune giant not seen for an age .

After the Freeing the demon ERTU the character question him

The demons information as follows :

The ring of winter was forged in years gone by , it was forged by a mighty Rune-lord named Karzoug  he was the Rune lord of greed , his 6 brothers and sisters  each ruled a part of land , millennia ago , but what made Karzoug the most power full was his control of the  mighty giant lords  , Hill , Stone, fire , frost , Cloud and mighty Rune  , as his minions , these giant lords each had a lair . the ring of winter was a key to get into each , and also karzoug could utter a single word and bring the giant lords under his complete control. No body knows was sure how why the cataclysm that wiped out the rune lords happened , but some say it was the power of the crystal shard or maybe the elder gods .

The Black tower in water deep was the last place to know of the where about of the mighty ring , the current Black Hand of the tower , is Erlwin Rathmere , a dark mage of some repute , he may answer you questions for a price .

The White haired drow albino  is something i can answer yet , but know this the goddess Lloth and Tiamat are very interested in this drow , his power seems to rival that of god , but i sense he is in a weakened state.

Seek out Erlwin , if anyone can help it is he .

Now i must go and feed , the battle goes beyond this plane , but if we meet again , i cant offer you same courtesy , . .

With that he blinks from view .

An ancient chest is left with items for the characters




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