Storm Kings of Legend


The Dark rider appears once again , this time in league with a fire giant and 3 hell hounds , they seem to be looking for Naxene Drakthala as to the whereabouts of Harstanag . After saving the Caravan from the evil creatures , once again the dark rider disappears . He is seems to be everywhere the trouble is ?

Every bone in her body tells Naxene that the attack on Caravan and surrounding settlements is just the beginning. She's heard "rumblings" that other settlements have been impacted by the sudden appearance of giants-and not just hill giants but also stone, frost, fire, and cloud giants. Naxene is convinced that now is not the time for half-measures. She has read books about the ancient conflict between dragons and giants, and she urges the characters to seek out a powerful good dragon, convince it to contact other good dragons, and use them to combat the giants.

Naxene is confident that the Lords' Alliance will support this plan, given the gravity of the situation. She couldn't be more wrong. Naxene is unaware that the Lords' Alliance leaders would rather hurl themselves into the Nine Hells than deal with dragons. She recommends that the party speak to an acquaintance of hers-a "dragon expert" in Waterdeep named Chazlauth Yarghorn (CN male Illuskan human mage). Naxene provides directions to his residence in the city's North Ward: a tall stone house with a tower on one corner.

When asked about Harstanag she said he was the last of the Fabled Force Grey Giant hunters and maybe someone in the black tower will know?

With that the characters head off but which direction?

1. North after Garelle and Albino Drow ?

2 . To neverwinter to fnd out about the beam ?

3. To waterdeep to find out about the black tower? Harstanag ? and the dragon expert ?



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