Storm Kings of Legend

A shot in the Dark

With increased monster  Activity and especially the giants , word has spread through the realm , of this increased activity , the white haired man still haunts your dreams most night , with his insane scribbles , he seems encased in an ice lair , an ancient darkness emanates from his very being . Sending out his team of Graea Hag Spy’s, some foul plot is a foot.

During that Evening a Huge bolt of energy fill the night sky, and fires from somewhere in the never winter wood, hitting directly into never winter – a sign from the gods or something more sinister .

On the road to Neverwinter – you meet a caravan traveling to Waterdeep – The Caravan leader Nev  invites the characters to join them – the news passing to the south is Neverwinter is ruins , and darkness grips the city , either some sort of sickness or foul  being . But the rumors are Rife. He also tell you of increased Giant activity and they just escaped a hill giant and bunch of hobgoblins and ogres,  A real filthy band of creatures who are hell bent on stealing food and kill farmers , they seem to be gathering provisions .


The Next day, the characters see the said band of creatures attacking a farm , they approach, a dark rider appears and calls out for the creatures to find out from the farmers where the ring of winter is hidden ? Blood lust takes over and the monsters attack, with that the rider disappears. A fight ensues and you save some of the farmers.

They question the local farmer leader and he says the only place he can think of is the old standing have strange runes on them.

Investigating the runes they start to glow and the dark  rider appears , when runes glow  purple they all recognize , they suddenly see (as if perception has changed ) in the distance see a strange island in the shape of a huge giant Skull  surrounded by  in a broiling lake of red and black .

The Dark Rider once again keeps his distance .



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