Storm Kings of Legend

The Tower of the Black Hand

The characters journey to the Black tower, takes a bit of turn , not trusting Ulfars boat skills , Elrath and Hamon move off on foot , while Demvaril and Hamon take a rowing boat over to the tower .

They both see a running encounter between a small band of soldiers , trying to scavenge for food , but they are savagely torn apart by what looks like a group of mutated rat men. Shaking off this Grisly scene  they continue on.

Reaching the tower – they find an under water entrance to the to tower , Elrath goes to scout out. Returning from his scouting , he tells them

"A group of these rat men , are trying to breach the tower " he whispers , "they are being help up by a guardian of the Tower , some sort of construct !"

" They shall feel my steel , these foul things , that corrupt my city !" he continues

"Lead on " Says Ulfar

Reaching the Underbelly of the tower , the fight is reached , the smell of death lingers

Waterdeep is deep in trouble

Using the portal our heroes , find themselves in a debauched version of water deep, people walk around in semi delusional state. A gang of Rat men seem to control this part of the city . Feeding these peasants  small packets of drugs . Setting there base as this derelict house in which they arrived  , they grab a local man  and cure him  of this foul poison .

Telling them a local crime lord called the "king " Poisoned the water supply which lead to this debauchery , he doesn't know how people are paying for these drugs , but  he feels as if part of him is missing . He says the black hand was the only person who has showed resistance to these foul creatures but that was months ago .The characters seem to work out they are 6 months out of sync . They give him 10 gold and he leaves to find his family .

Heading towards the dock area , this part of town has less people and they see barricaded houses and shops , it looks like some of the people are fighting back .

"Thats the tower " says Elrath pointing out to the bay

"We need a boat then " says Ulfar

" Well , there are enough abandoned out there " says Hamon

"This is making me feel sick , this foulness is spreading throughout the north , " whispers Elrath , more to himself .

" Have Faith , young warlock " say Ulfar " we will sort this , we need to get a sample of this water , i sense this has links to a dark god , I not which one at the moment , but tiamaat is never far my thoughts , maybe this hand will know more !! "

"Indeed " says Hamon .

Moving towards the tower , and eerie quietness is all around as they search for a boat .

The fall and the rise of Dhograc Darkmane

The Wizard , the King and Hooded figure disappear into the darkness . Leaving the underlings to carry out the order .

Dhograc steps from the shadows and engages these foul foes , well if anybody is going to help , yes its Dhograc Darkmane .

The savage fight continues with the rats and Thugs , Dhograc doesn't manage to stop them from poisoning the town water , but he kills all but three., who finally take him down .

Finding himself in a cell , the hooded figure speak to him ,

"There is a monument in the mountains , i need you to retrieve a blue Gem for me, you have  been intected with a deadly poison , on your return i will give you the antidote and maybe a way to save these people "

"I agree " nods Dhograc

She opens the grill and gives him a mask .

A few hours later he finds himself on the street of Arden

"By the gods " shouts a voice " Is that Dhograc Darkmane ?"

"Harsk " shouts Dhograc "you my friend are just in time !!"

"Tell me more Lad "…………………….

The Way of the ways !!!

With a blinding flash and searing pain , Demvaril lands with a thump , Calling out a large hand clamps over his mouth

"Quiet" Hisses Ulfar

Demavril eyes swivel to a milk white pool , in a very alien looking landscape, huge herds of albino white Auroch type creatures , scatter the landscape , each the size of an elephant . Massive spires of purple and red rocks sprout like needs from the charred earth . A dull white  river meanders slowly through the landscape. Small Runes line thin and pathless ways, hardly visible to the eye.

Then From the pool , a creature of horrific terror arises , a beholder a creature of dark legend , and powerful beyond belief . Its diameter is over 30 feet, this horrific abomination , turns to feed on one of the packs of aurochs with deadly profiency .

Ulfar takes them back to his cave , and explains he has been here for a few  months living on wild game waiting for them , the others fill him in on what happened to them .

Setting off the next day , Hamon recognizes the runes for water deep , they follow them for a few days , passing a huge domes alien city , many leagues to the east , about a hundred  times the size of never winter .

Finally the reach  a ravine and in the distance they see a huge gate , surrounded by runes , the green bracelet in Elrath`s pack begins to vibrate emitting a high pitch noise , It grows with more intensity as they reach the portal .

But then as they entering the clearing , a pack of Savage Crag cats appear number over ten , they are intent on food , and it looks like your it !!


Dhograc Darkmane
Sunday night Solo

In search of an ancient Artifact called " the night spear  " , Dhograc Darkmane  forge cleric of marthammor duin , has a habit of helping people , he cant help it , if they ask, he does it . For coin or a free meal or free lodgings , he helps . This means the people who accompany him don't stick around  long , and so he finds himself alone. Well …. most of the time .

He latest excursion found him in Cormyr in the city of Arden , to the north the high moors , to the south the lake of dragons , he had found out about a hermit who lived on an island in the sea of fallen stars , who might have important information.

In Arden very low on funds the cleric is asked to GET rid of a local group of drug dealers and general no- goods , by a member of the council , offering 300gp .

He accepts the challenge and finds out , these ner to do`s are going to hold the city to ransom or poison the water supply .

Fighting his way through the lair , he over hears a conversation between an unseen figure and the leader of this band , a huge were rat known as "the King" .

"My boss is willing to pay you well , if this goes well " says the hooded figure

"How well ?" sneers the Rat king

" The Black spider is willing to pay 1000gp , and if it works here , then he  wants you to continue to do this in the major cities on the sword coast, to cause some unrest  "

"How much per city ?"

"5000 gold pieces  "

"im sold " he hisses in glee " You five , go round the boys up and that damn alchemist "

"Ok boss!"

with that the 5 thugs move away followed by the hooded figure

"We gonna be rich boys , start working them levers , fuck the ransom , lets do some real evil shit !!!" with that he howls in mad glee , answered by his were rat cohorts .

Dhograc listens from the shadows thinking of what to do ………….




THe Ancient Stone
Mick Dms This one

With a last minute lurch , the characters find themselves in an ancient forest, Ulfar is lost to them.

The Giants and insects show force

Moving down to the Teleport system, Hamon studies the Mosaic using his arcane skills, each teleport circle has a location. Including Waterdeep.

"Lets save the Elf before we go any further, she may have information we need." says Ulfar.

"Agreed" nods Elrath.

"Aye" Spits  Demvaril.

"I shall stay here and find out more about the teleport" says Hamon.

The party take the diamonds back to the prone body of Naxene, using deep earth magiks, Ulfar returns Naxene back to life, she gives Ulfar a potion of polymorph. Questioning Naxene about what is going on,

she says "I was once a part of Force Grey and adventuring troop that hunted giants, there was an uprising a few hundred years ago it was called the War of Jorgenfist, the Dragons and Giants battled, with her band and the dragons they beat them back. The greatest of force grey is a Frost Giant named Harstanag he must be old, would say if anyone can help its him but he will only deal with other members of force grey, she shows you a small brand on the back of her hand. To get this brand, you must join force Grey. You need to speak to Black hand in Waterdeep and to do that we must get there".

"A giant fighting Giants is not possible?" says Ulthar.

"he is one of my oldest friends, i promise you this is true!"

"Quiet!!" Says Elrath emerging from the dense trees of their camp "You should come and see this"

What meets their eyes is a force of Hill giants, Orcs, goblins and Wargs numbering two hundred or more, they seem to be looking for something or someone.

"I fear i have put you in danger! " says Naxene.

"Nonsense Lady " says Demvaril " Lets get back to the teleporter".

With that and on the verge of exhaustion the characters make it back to the teleporter not before seeing the huge force of Giants and Orcs enter the city, avoiding most of the patrols, Ulfar climbs a ruined tower, and the sight  that greets his eyes causes severe concerns, hundreds of swarming insects are attacking the giant Band…………

"By the gods" he whispers and makes a sign to Tempus

Meeting Hamon back at the teleporter.

They find him exhausted, he seems to be powering the runes with the purple magic that flows through him.

"Quickly!" he yells  "help me, we are right on a nest of these insects"

Ulfar and Elrath help and become severely exhausted ,but the rune powers up fully and then ………….


Diamonds are a dragons Best friend

Being on edge is one thing , but being attacked from beyond is a another , the lighting shape circles around the hidden Elrath, as he stalks his prey  from the shadows , then like a streak of lightning,  a sword arm flashes out for the lighting storm, quicker than a blink striking at Elraths throat . But the honed warlocks blade , defends the blow by pure instinct , as creature of darkness steps from the lighting ,you see a tall dark willow thin humanoid  almost 7ft tall , as quick as flash , Elrath attacks in a blur , damaging the monster who turns back into lightning , surprise on his face . Disappearing into the fog.

" Beware the Lightning " Calls Elrath to the others "its alive !!!"

As the heroes dispatch the creatures with little resistance , they move closer to the jeweler`s , what they see , causes them to pause . A huge rift in the ground , with an intense purple glow , looking down Ulfar and Hamon see a huge mosaic on the floor , with strange runes .

"Any ideas ? " Says Ulfar

" Well by the look of it , these are either Elf or Drow origin , id have to take a closer look" says Hamon "But by the looks of it , it seems to be a teleport of some kind but nothing ive seen before , this is more the  Harkles territory or the library at Silvery moon than my own   , as i said id  have to get down for a closer look "

"Lets get these diamonds,  its just up ahead and then lets look " says Demavril

" We have company " whispers Elrath  "MOVE NOW!!"

With that 2 more Insectizods and more zombies appear

"ENOUGH " growls Ulfar " I GROW WEARY of this CURSED place!!"


With that  a huge torrent of electricity and light blast forward and smash the huge insect creatures into vapor , falling to his knees he makes the sign to Tempus and feels relieved he has at last been heard .

" Have faith" as  a golden voice fills his head "when the time is right you find me my son"

The battle with the zombies is short and explosive , "Over hear " calls elrath "what do you make of this wound ,  Ulfar ? "

Looking down at the broken corpse , Ulfar examines the zombie , " The brain has been forcibly sucked out of the skull, what ever did this feeds either on the brain tissue or the glands , thyroxin possibly ?"

Looking down the fissure , "that makes sense " spits Demvaril "he points at a huge mound of skulls at one end .

Taking the diamonds from the jewelers , the party decide to look at the teleporter in more depth ?

The options to the players are :

1. Water deep , to find the black tower and the Dragon Expert

2. Bryn Shander – the last known place for Sister Garelle

3. To find out about the Purple Substance

4. The Hooded rider – who is he working for

5. The white haired – Man and his Many Covens or Graeae Hags  – what is he up to , what does he have to do with the crystal shard – Krenshinabon

6. Who is the Runelord Karzoug  ?

7. Who are the Race of lighting people ?




A Darkness over Neverwinter

A chance encounter with a lone warrior , the heroes join with new comer to kill the infected humans , in the city . The Lone warrior is Demavril from a noble house and birth , seems to be a solid fighter . You beat the creatures down . He then tells you over the past few months , the major cities in the north seem to be each others throats , no help as arrived from waterdeep, luskan , silverymoon for the elves  , Citadel Adbar  for the dwarves , no armies or emmisaries .

Making there way along the bloodred river , Demvaril knows of a jewellers that would hold such diamonds .

Disembarking from the ship , the characters are met by a grizzly sight , two huge insectiods appear from the ruins ,

Hamon Kost`s jaw drops, " these have not been seen in a milenia "

" What are they"  asks Ulfar , making a sign to Tempest "

" These insects are every where !! " spits demvaril

Elrath says nothing sneaking away to the side , " they will know my blade soon " he whispers . "The dark Queen be with me !"

"You dont understand " says hamon "these left the worlds surface at the time of the Dragon wars , when Tiamat fought the elder gods and the drow left the light to the under dark  " he continues.

"These creatures were thought dead , there hives could  house millions , this is getting worse, i must tell the Red tower  "

" We must find out more " says Ulfar  "TEMPEST HE CALLS ….. ANSWER ME !!!!!"

But only the dark smoke , the smell of death and decay answers ……..  as the two creatures move forward, making weird clicking noises .






The Doomed City of Neverwinter

As war rages throughout the North, a dark despair now casts a shadow over the land, no inns or farm houses with welcoming fires, just broken walls and blood stains  now litter the roadways and farmsteads of the north. The gods seem distant somehow. Ulfar gets a feeling his god is somehow not where he should be…… distant somehow.

An oppressive feeling spreads over the characters as they race to save Naxenes life. But a true darkness waits in the doomed city of Never winter. It is shrouded in a deathly black  magical cloud, small pockets of purple energy crackle through the city, the Rift into the Under dark seems once again open and the world is once again open to the  deathly Drow.

Entering the city the characters look for the jewelers quarter, they need a 300GP diamond, moving into the city  they find a small pocket of humanity who seems to have escaped the mobs of dark demons and other creatures that inhabit this dark kingdom  , the girl also says no help has came from any of the other major cities , and before this there was huge unrest between the leader of the northern cities ,   she  points the characters in the direction of the trade district , but then disaster as a band of demon creatures attack…..


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