Half Elf Rogue/Warlock


Rogue 1/Warlock 5 (Archfey Patron, Pact of the Blade.)

HP ~ 45.

AC 17.

Stats -

• Strength – 10 ( +0 Mod) ( +0 Saving Throw).
• Dexterity – 20 ( +5 Mod) ( +8 Saving Throw).
• Constitution – 14 ( +2 Mod) ( +2 Saving Throw).
• Intelligence – 10 ( +0 Mod) ( +3 Saving Throw).
• Wisdom – 10 ( +0 Mod) ( +0 Saving Throw).
• Charisma – 16 ( +3 Mod) ( +3 Saving Throw).

• Agonizing Blast:
When you cast eldritch blast, add your Charisma
modifier to the damage it deals on a hit.

• Repelling Blast:
When you hit a creature with eldritch blast. you can push
the creature up to 10 feet away from you in a straight line.

• Thirsting Blade:
You can attack with your pact weapon twice, instead of once, whenever you take the attack action on your turn.

Familiar – Pseudo Dragon named Lucia.


Elrath Backstory (Draft).

Born from a human knight of waterdeep and an elven ambassador from Silverymoon, i have one younger sibling who is also a Half-Elf called Maratra.

Born and raised in the city of waterdeep as a part of the Raventree family, a minor noble house that my father was born into. After living there with my family for most of my childhood my father was found dead, at the time the causes were unknown but foul play was suspected, nothing came of the investigations made to find out what happened.

At the time i was under the tutalage of a Swordmaster who went by the name of Davros, a swashbuckling fighter who specialized in using dual swords to fight. We became friends over the months that he trained me, seeing the pain that my father’s passing and not knowing who, or even why he was killed had caused, he offered to help me try and find some answers.

During this time the Raventree family, who were never happy my father married an Elf and sired two half breeds saw this as the perfect time and opportunity to cast us out, and remove what the saw as a stain on their noble family line. My mother left to return to Silverymoon taking my younger sibling with her, though i would miss them but i could not go with them knowing my fathers death went unanswered.

With no money to my name and being ostracized by the nobility as i was, i was forced to take to the streets to survive. It was not easy being the pampered former noble that i was but with some perceverance, my training at the hands of the swordmaster, and a little help from Davros himself who put me in touch with a local street gang, i was able to survive and eek out a living as a burgler while we continued to search for information.

Nearly a year after joining with the gang during a high paying job something went wrong, other, senior members of the gang were waiting for us on the way out. They ambushed us to steal our loot to present to the boss themselves, ambushed and outnumbered my crew were quickly dispatched. I managed to escape by running into the sewers where our attackers would not follow, alone now in the sewers underneath Waterdeep i had to fend for myself to find a way out while avoiding the things that lurked down there.

After nearly a day of being lost in the labyrinthyan tunnels beneath the city i was finally beaten, surrounded by multicoloured Ooze’s i thought i was done for when i heard a feminine voice whisper in my mind ‘’Bind yourself to my purpose, serve me and i will save you, and give you the power you need to find the answers you seek. Accept my pact’’. Seeing no alternative or way out, i agreed to it, not knowing or caring at that point what the cost could be, atleast then i would be alive to pay it. I had agreed to serve the Archfey known as the Queen of Air and Darkness.

When i accepted the pact i felt a wave of power wash over me bringing me to my knees, and suddenly i was no longer in the sewers, but back in the streets above and far away from my old gang’s territory. Safe for the moment atleast.

After getting my bearings and finding a place to rest and eat, i turned my attention to the ‘pact’ i had just formed. the voice that had spoken to me earlier seemed to come and go as it pleased, explaining to me who she was, introducing herself as The Queen of Air and Darkness, an Archfey and leader of the Unseelie court. She would not tell me why she had saved me or what her intentions were beyond that she would require favor’s from time to time.
And if not performed satisfactorily she would drop me into a situation worse than the one she pulled me out of. And in return for a job well done she would give me power and information.

After taking afew days to recover she gave me my first task, she told me that a small time gang working out of Neverwinter calling themselves the Redbrands were gaining power and influence at an alarming rate, she told me to head there and make myself known to them, to enter the gang and win their leaders trust. She would not tell me why only that i must do it or suffer her anger, more instructions would follow once this was done.

The following morning while i was wondering where i would find provisions, a horse and a map for the journey to Neverwinter her voice came to me again. ‘’You need not delay worrying about these things, another of my agents awaits you outside the city’s north gate, she has instructions to escort you to your destination, do not tarry.’’

Penning a quick note for Davros letting him know i still lived and explaining what had happened to me and where i was going. I left it with the innkeeper with instructions as to where it should be delivered, with that seen too i set off for the north gate to meet the agent who would deliver me to Neverwinter.


(Original starter background)———————-

The town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of an older
settlement, vacant for five centuries until some hardy
settlers set about rebuilding it some years back. Drawn
by stories of gold and platinum in the nearby foothills,
you came to Phandalin as well, not to earn a living, but
to prey on those who struck it rich. You joined a gang
calling itself the Redbrands and made some decent coin
as a burglar, enforcer, or fence. But you must have
made an enemy among your fellow Redbrands.
Someone set you up. On that person’s word, the head
of the Redbrands—a wizard called Glasstaff—tried to
have you killed. You escaped, barely alive and thanking
Tymora, the goddess of good fortune, for your luck. You
fled Phandalin, almost penniless and with only the tools
of your trade to your name.
Someone in the Redbrands nearly got you killed, and
you sure would like to know who it was. And then you’d
like to take your revenge—on that person, on Glasstaff,
maybe on all the Redbrands. And you just got a tip that
might help you: someone named Halia Thornton also
has it out for the Redbrands. She lives in Phandalin,
which means showing your face to the Redbrands who
still want you dead.
You have always wanted your own pub to network spies
and thieves


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