Storm Kings of Legend

Waterdeep is deep in trouble

Using the portal our heroes , find themselves in a debauched version of water deep, people walk around in semi delusional state. A gang of Rat men seem to control this part of the city . Feeding these peasants  small packets of drugs . Setting there base as this derelict house in which they arrived  , they grab a local man  and cure him  of this foul poison .

Telling them a local crime lord called the "king " Poisoned the water supply which lead to this debauchery , he doesn't know how people are paying for these drugs , but  he feels as if part of him is missing . He says the black hand was the only person who has showed resistance to these foul creatures but that was months ago .The characters seem to work out they are 6 months out of sync . They give him 10 gold and he leaves to find his family .

Heading towards the dock area , this part of town has less people and they see barricaded houses and shops , it looks like some of the people are fighting back .

"Thats the tower " says Elrath pointing out to the bay

"We need a boat then " says Ulfar

" Well , there are enough abandoned out there " says Hamon

"This is making me feel sick , this foulness is spreading throughout the north , " whispers Elrath , more to himself .

" Have Faith , young warlock " say Ulfar " we will sort this , we need to get a sample of this water , i sense this has links to a dark god , I not which one at the moment , but tiamaat is never far my thoughts , maybe this hand will know more !! "

"Indeed " says Hamon .

Moving towards the tower , and eerie quietness is all around as they search for a boat .



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