Storm Kings of Legend

The Way of the ways !!!

With a blinding flash and searing pain , Demvaril lands with a thump , Calling out a large hand clamps over his mouth

"Quiet" Hisses Ulfar

Demavril eyes swivel to a milk white pool , in a very alien looking landscape, huge herds of albino white Auroch type creatures , scatter the landscape , each the size of an elephant . Massive spires of purple and red rocks sprout like needs from the charred earth . A dull white  river meanders slowly through the landscape. Small Runes line thin and pathless ways, hardly visible to the eye.

Then From the pool , a creature of horrific terror arises , a beholder a creature of dark legend , and powerful beyond belief . Its diameter is over 30 feet, this horrific abomination , turns to feed on one of the packs of aurochs with deadly profiency .

Ulfar takes them back to his cave , and explains he has been here for a few  months living on wild game waiting for them , the others fill him in on what happened to them .

Setting off the next day , Hamon recognizes the runes for water deep , they follow them for a few days , passing a huge domes alien city , many leagues to the east , about a hundred  times the size of never winter .

Finally the reach  a ravine and in the distance they see a huge gate , surrounded by runes , the green bracelet in Elrath`s pack begins to vibrate emitting a high pitch noise , It grows with more intensity as they reach the portal .

But then as they entering the clearing , a pack of Savage Crag cats appear number over ten , they are intent on food , and it looks like your it !!




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