Storm Kings of Legend

The Tower of the Black Hand

The characters journey to the Black tower, takes a bit of turn , not trusting Ulfars boat skills , Elrath and Hamon move off on foot , while Demvaril and Hamon take a rowing boat over to the tower .

They both see a running encounter between a small band of soldiers , trying to scavenge for food , but they are savagely torn apart by what looks like a group of mutated rat men. Shaking off this Grisly scene  they continue on.

Reaching the tower – they find an under water entrance to the to tower , Elrath goes to scout out. Returning from his scouting , he tells them

"A group of these rat men , are trying to breach the tower " he whispers , "they are being help up by a guardian of the Tower , some sort of construct !"

" They shall feel my steel , these foul things , that corrupt my city !" he continues

"Lead on " Says Ulfar

Reaching the Underbelly of the tower , the fight is reached , the smell of death lingers



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