Storm Kings of Legend

The Giants and insects show force

Moving down to the Teleport system, Hamon studies the Mosaic using his arcane skills, each teleport circle has a location. Including Waterdeep.

"Lets save the Elf before we go any further, she may have information we need." says Ulfar.

"Agreed" nods Elrath.

"Aye" Spits  Demvaril.

"I shall stay here and find out more about the teleport" says Hamon.

The party take the diamonds back to the prone body of Naxene, using deep earth magiks, Ulfar returns Naxene back to life, she gives Ulfar a potion of polymorph. Questioning Naxene about what is going on,

she says "I was once a part of Force Grey and adventuring troop that hunted giants, there was an uprising a few hundred years ago it was called the War of Jorgenfist, the Dragons and Giants battled, with her band and the dragons they beat them back. The greatest of force grey is a Frost Giant named Harstanag he must be old, would say if anyone can help its him but he will only deal with other members of force grey, she shows you a small brand on the back of her hand. To get this brand, you must join force Grey. You need to speak to Black hand in Waterdeep and to do that we must get there".

"A giant fighting Giants is not possible?" says Ulthar.

"he is one of my oldest friends, i promise you this is true!"

"Quiet!!" Says Elrath emerging from the dense trees of their camp "You should come and see this"

What meets their eyes is a force of Hill giants, Orcs, goblins and Wargs numbering two hundred or more, they seem to be looking for something or someone.

"I fear i have put you in danger! " says Naxene.

"Nonsense Lady " says Demvaril " Lets get back to the teleporter".

With that and on the verge of exhaustion the characters make it back to the teleporter not before seeing the huge force of Giants and Orcs enter the city, avoiding most of the patrols, Ulfar climbs a ruined tower, and the sight  that greets his eyes causes severe concerns, hundreds of swarming insects are attacking the giant Band…………

"By the gods" he whispers and makes a sign to Tempus

Meeting Hamon back at the teleporter.

They find him exhausted, he seems to be powering the runes with the purple magic that flows through him.

"Quickly!" he yells  "help me, we are right on a nest of these insects"

Ulfar and Elrath help and become severely exhausted ,but the rune powers up fully and then ………….




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