Storm Kings of Legend

The fall and the rise of Dhograc Darkmane

The Wizard , the King and Hooded figure disappear into the darkness . Leaving the underlings to carry out the order .

Dhograc steps from the shadows and engages these foul foes , well if anybody is going to help , yes its Dhograc Darkmane .

The savage fight continues with the rats and Thugs , Dhograc doesn't manage to stop them from poisoning the town water , but he kills all but three., who finally take him down .

Finding himself in a cell , the hooded figure speak to him ,

"There is a monument in the mountains , i need you to retrieve a blue Gem for me, you have  been intected with a deadly poison , on your return i will give you the antidote and maybe a way to save these people "

"I agree " nods Dhograc

She opens the grill and gives him a mask .

A few hours later he finds himself on the street of Arden

"By the gods " shouts a voice " Is that Dhograc Darkmane ?"

"Harsk " shouts Dhograc "you my friend are just in time !!"

"Tell me more Lad "…………………….



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