Storm Kings of Legend

The Doomed City of Neverwinter

As war rages throughout the North, a dark despair now casts a shadow over the land, no inns or farm houses with welcoming fires, just broken walls and blood stains  now litter the roadways and farmsteads of the north. The gods seem distant somehow. Ulfar gets a feeling his god is somehow not where he should be…… distant somehow.

An oppressive feeling spreads over the characters as they race to save Naxenes life. But a true darkness waits in the doomed city of Never winter. It is shrouded in a deathly black  magical cloud, small pockets of purple energy crackle through the city, the Rift into the Under dark seems once again open and the world is once again open to the  deathly Drow.

Entering the city the characters look for the jewelers quarter, they need a 300GP diamond, moving into the city  they find a small pocket of humanity who seems to have escaped the mobs of dark demons and other creatures that inhabit this dark kingdom  , the girl also says no help has came from any of the other major cities , and before this there was huge unrest between the leader of the northern cities ,   she  points the characters in the direction of the trade district , but then disaster as a band of demon creatures attack…..



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