Storm Kings of Legend

Diamonds are a dragons Best friend

Being on edge is one thing , but being attacked from beyond is a another , the lighting shape circles around the hidden Elrath, as he stalks his prey  from the shadows , then like a streak of lightning,  a sword arm flashes out for the lighting storm, quicker than a blink striking at Elraths throat . But the honed warlocks blade , defends the blow by pure instinct , as creature of darkness steps from the lighting ,you see a tall dark willow thin humanoid  almost 7ft tall , as quick as flash , Elrath attacks in a blur , damaging the monster who turns back into lightning , surprise on his face . Disappearing into the fog.

" Beware the Lightning " Calls Elrath to the others "its alive !!!"

As the heroes dispatch the creatures with little resistance , they move closer to the jeweler`s , what they see , causes them to pause . A huge rift in the ground , with an intense purple glow , looking down Ulfar and Hamon see a huge mosaic on the floor , with strange runes .

"Any ideas ? " Says Ulfar

" Well by the look of it , these are either Elf or Drow origin , id have to take a closer look" says Hamon "But by the looks of it , it seems to be a teleport of some kind but nothing ive seen before , this is more the  Harkles territory or the library at Silvery moon than my own   , as i said id  have to get down for a closer look "

"Lets get these diamonds,  its just up ahead and then lets look " says Demavril

" We have company " whispers Elrath  "MOVE NOW!!"

With that 2 more Insectizods and more zombies appear

"ENOUGH " growls Ulfar " I GROW WEARY of this CURSED place!!"


With that  a huge torrent of electricity and light blast forward and smash the huge insect creatures into vapor , falling to his knees he makes the sign to Tempus and feels relieved he has at last been heard .

" Have faith" as  a golden voice fills his head "when the time is right you find me my son"

The battle with the zombies is short and explosive , "Over hear " calls elrath "what do you make of this wound ,  Ulfar ? "

Looking down at the broken corpse , Ulfar examines the zombie , " The brain has been forcibly sucked out of the skull, what ever did this feeds either on the brain tissue or the glands , thyroxin possibly ?"

Looking down the fissure , "that makes sense " spits Demvaril "he points at a huge mound of skulls at one end .

Taking the diamonds from the jewelers , the party decide to look at the teleporter in more depth ?

The options to the players are :

1. Water deep , to find the black tower and the Dragon Expert

2. Bryn Shander – the last known place for Sister Garelle

3. To find out about the Purple Substance

4. The Hooded rider – who is he working for

5. The white haired – Man and his Many Covens or Graeae Hags  – what is he up to , what does he have to do with the crystal shard – Krenshinabon

6. Who is the Runelord Karzoug  ?

7. Who are the Race of lighting people ?






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