Storm Kings of Legend


With the help of a sea pirate called Davos , the characters get free passage of the Black pig , they travel north to find the sea full of corrupt beings and deadly frost giant reavers , attacking many of the ports . An encounter with a Beholder sends them reeling , but they over come it , and the undead minions it has possessed.

Further north they encounter more giants , and this time the mighty Harstanag , with his help you despatch a group of frost giants and ice tolls .

He tells you to meet beyond the ice sea , finally after weeks of travel you meet up with him and he explains the following :

. In Waterdeep, he's remembered as the largest member of Force Grey, a notoriously destructive adventuring company that came to the city's defense on more than one occasion. Believed to be hundreds of years old, Harshnag wanders the wilderness with greataxe in hand, seeking to lay low his evil giant brethren. Harshnag's history isn't important to this adventure, and he doesn't like to talk about his past. What's important is that he knows that the ordning has been broken, that the storm giants no longer have the power to keep the smaller giants in check, and that King Hekaton has gone missing.

Harshnag looks like a typical frost giant except that he's clad in plate armor and wears the skull of a white dragon as a helm. His jagged axe also looks quite formidable. He's a giant of few words who prefers to let his actions do his talking. When he does speak outside of combat, he comes across as surprisingly calm and soft-spoken. While swinging his axe in battle, however, he bellows and laughs like a berserker. In the company of small adventurers, he tries not to dominate social situations and  make too many decisions for them, because he knows how fragile and inflated their egos can be.

Harshnag knows the North well and has no chance of becoming lost in its wilderness. He's sensitive to the fact that many small folk have a freshly rekindled fear of giants striding into their settlements. As a result, if the characters visit a settlement while Harshnag is with them, he prefers to remain unseen on the outskirts. The exception is Waterdeep; he considers that city his homeand has no qualms about entering it, gently brushing aside guards who stand in his way.


Although he has been happy to wander the North, slaughtering his fellow giants at every turn, Harshnag now thinks it might be time to consult with a higher authority. He knows the location of a mountain temple built by his ancient ancestors under the Spine of the World. He calls it the Eye of the All-Father. According to giant legend, the temple contains a divine oracle. Harshnag offers to lead the characters to the temple so that they can consult with this oracle and learn how best to end the giants' threat to the North.

Prior to the shattering of the ordning, King Hekaton was arguably the most powerful of all storm giants. From Maelstrom, his citadel deep within the Trackless Sea, he resided over a court that included representatives of every race of giant, from mighty storm giants to lowly hill giants. He used the power of the Wyrmskull Throne-a gift given to him by his wife-to keep the more unruly giants in line. For as long as Hekaton had reigned, fear of the king's wrath and respect for the ordning was enough to keep lesser giants from rising up against him. But in recent years, King Hekaton had become convinced that the age of the giants was past, as evidenced by the growing distance between the giants and their gods. Annam the All-Father didn't answer prayers, and his divine offspring-the lesser giant gods-were out of touch, constantly waging war against one another on the Outer Planes. Hekaton came to believe that the giants were no longer the rightful masters of the world.

Then, several months ago, Hekaton's fear became reality when the ordning was shattered. The king was profoundly shaken by the realization that storm giants might lose their apex status among giants. In the aftermath of the upheaval, he did his utmost to hold his court together, bullying weaker giants into submission. Hekaton's wife, Queen Neri, was particularly fond of the small folk. She visited them often in the years before the ordning was sundered, rising up out of the sea to meet them on the shores of the Sword Coast. Neri continually urged her husband to respect the civilizations of the small folk and leave them alone, if he could not countenance forming alliances with them. Hekaton, inherently distrustful of the small folk, wanted nothing to do with them, but he respected his wife's desire to treat with them on occasion. Neri continued to visit the small folk from time to time even after the upheaval-until the day came when she failed to return from one of her trips to the Sword Coast. Hekaton's younger brother, Imperator Uthor, commander of the king's garrison, found Neri's corpse shortly thereafter on a small island where she had been known to meet with humans. It was clear that she had been killed by small folk, and Hekaton wept for days before threatening to unleash his vengeance on the unsuspecting coastal territories.

The Characters find themselves gearing up to travel to this ancient temple ……………..







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