Storm Kings of Legend

Dhograc Darkmane

Sunday night Solo

In search of an ancient Artifact called " the night spear  " , Dhograc Darkmane  forge cleric of marthammor duin , has a habit of helping people , he cant help it , if they ask, he does it . For coin or a free meal or free lodgings , he helps . This means the people who accompany him don't stick around  long , and so he finds himself alone. Well …. most of the time .

He latest excursion found him in Cormyr in the city of Arden , to the north the high moors , to the south the lake of dragons , he had found out about a hermit who lived on an island in the sea of fallen stars , who might have important information.

In Arden very low on funds the cleric is asked to GET rid of a local group of drug dealers and general no- goods , by a member of the council , offering 300gp .

He accepts the challenge and finds out , these ner to do`s are going to hold the city to ransom or poison the water supply .

Fighting his way through the lair , he over hears a conversation between an unseen figure and the leader of this band , a huge were rat known as "the King" .

"My boss is willing to pay you well , if this goes well " says the hooded figure

"How well ?" sneers the Rat king

" The Black spider is willing to pay 1000gp , and if it works here , then he  wants you to continue to do this in the major cities on the sword coast, to cause some unrest  "

"How much per city ?"

"5000 gold pieces  "

"im sold " he hisses in glee " You five , go round the boys up and that damn alchemist "

"Ok boss!"

with that the 5 thugs move away followed by the hooded figure

"We gonna be rich boys , start working them levers , fuck the ransom , lets do some real evil shit !!!" with that he howls in mad glee , answered by his were rat cohorts .

Dhograc listens from the shadows thinking of what to do ………….






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