Storm Kings of Legend

Becoming Force Grey

After defeating the Rat men and entering the tower , the characters see a tall thin man on a wooden pallet, in the Centre of the room is a huge brazier with a single blue flame .

"Put your hand in the flame to become force grey " a faint whisper comes from the man

Each character gets a the mark of Force grey .

Waiting for 2 days and nights , on the third day

A huge gout of air , thrums through the man , and he rises looking much younger and fitter .

He looks confused and dis orientated , " who are you ? and why are you here ? " he asks

"Let me get my bearings "

"i am the Black hand of water deep , who are you and what brings you to my tower ?"

They answer …

"Ah you are the Naxene told me about,  you search for Harstanag "

Let me tell you what i know

The north is in ruins but not all is lost, i have just been in meeting with the Lady of Silvery moon , the dwarves of Citadel Adbar , sundebar , the paladins of Everlund, the might of mirabar and the magic towers of Luskan Still hold , but we hear nothing from Baldurs gate, Daggerford the dragon coast and cormyr, the Harkles travel to Thay to see if we can get help from the Red wizards , it is a shame your companion  perished he would have been a help, lastly we have had agents travel the fey courts to get there help    , the discussions we have had, has opened some dire  news i fear .

Someone has opened the ancient ways  and unleashed the beholders back on the world , these insane and evil creatures open random rifts in the fabric of time and space and this has has held back the deployment of troops, some cults have risen, also these Beholders house huge insect cities which they getting slowly through the rifts , these insects we have been told have evolved , the most prominent are the Cult of the dragon to south and more closely the black brotherhood , a festering pit of were beasts , which now seem to tainted with an ancient evil , they seem to be trying to poison water supplies  , this cult of the dragon seems to be ransacking the south building an army worthy of tiamaat, the drow steal villages of people and take them to the under dark for whatever purpose , but the most immanent threat is that of the giants , there seems to be a great moot , held but once a millennia , the giants grow bold and attack towns and villages , the word has spread of a place named Jorgenfist the biggest of all the giant moots , lead by the giants who hold power  , but none of my spies can find out anything , if anyone knows it will be Harstanag , he was last scene in the icewind dales , my link with him is weak , Naxene and Orren search for him also , But You are also  force grey now as by the sign on your hand and what is in your heart .


One last thing the man albino Drow with the red eyes seems to be involved , he is an ancient evil , some say he is Xaliasa  the last of mighty generals from when the dragons fought the rune lords before the time of star fall , when the realms where plunged into darkness for millennia, when the giants , dragons , elves and dwarves fought for the land , before the time of man.  But I know little of this yet . Come back and visit me if you ever find out anymore information .

With this mark you will be welcome in any city and be able to talk to any leader .  

Take this letter and give it too a pirate friend of mine named Davos , he and his crew will get you to where you need , the seas are rough this time of the year .


Later that day You find yourself on a secluded beach , on the coast of waterdeep , a small ship approaches , off steps a swarthy pirate, he is laden with gold rings and chains , his teeth each have a crystal .

Passing him the letter he reads it and nods , "step aboard fellas " he says " the journey will be rough at this time of the year and  i hope you have your sea legs , the journey to the ice flats near icewind dale will not be for the faint hearted ."

With that he bows and you get on the ship to set sale .

Meeting Scully , you start your journey up the sword coast towards the Ice Sea , they encounter a kraken nest and fight it off , but loosing a lot of ships Ammo , they take an early port , but find the place derelict , climbing aboard a large ship , they encounter undead minions , with many spines sticking out all over their bodies .

Then they sense a great evil , a beholder is approaching with the battle commencing ….



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