Storm Kings of Legend

A Darkness over Neverwinter

A chance encounter with a lone warrior , the heroes join with new comer to kill the infected humans , in the city . The Lone warrior is Demavril from a noble house and birth , seems to be a solid fighter . You beat the creatures down . He then tells you over the past few months , the major cities in the north seem to be each others throats , no help as arrived from waterdeep, luskan , silverymoon for the elves  , Citadel Adbar  for the dwarves , no armies or emmisaries .

Making there way along the bloodred river , Demvaril knows of a jewellers that would hold such diamonds .

Disembarking from the ship , the characters are met by a grizzly sight , two huge insectiods appear from the ruins ,

Hamon Kost`s jaw drops, " these have not been seen in a milenia "

" What are they"  asks Ulfar , making a sign to Tempest "

" These insects are every where !! " spits demvaril

Elrath says nothing sneaking away to the side , " they will know my blade soon " he whispers . "The dark Queen be with me !"

"You dont understand " says hamon "these left the worlds surface at the time of the Dragon wars , when Tiamat fought the elder gods and the drow left the light to the under dark  " he continues.

"These creatures were thought dead , there hives could  house millions , this is getting worse, i must tell the Red tower  "

" We must find out more " says Ulfar  "TEMPEST HE CALLS ….. ANSWER ME !!!!!"

But only the dark smoke , the smell of death and decay answers ……..  as the two creatures move forward, making weird clicking noises .








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